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September 2020
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Archive for 'Closed Contour'

v2 SPS Tiles Posted

I’ve posted new tiles with the following changes: Whiter glaciers/permanent snow with blue contour lines. I talked about this in a previous post. Change forest color depending on density (only in Yosemite and Sequoia/King’s Canyon NP so far). I also mentioned this in a previous post. Non-SPS peak names.  Discussed earlier as well. Pass names. [...]

Fixing GNIS Data

I’ve been working quite a bit on adding non-SPS peaks to the map.  It’s been a mix of learning some new skills and repetitive, tedious work. This all started with California GNIS data.  After filtering down to just the summits, I converted it to a shapefile and threw it on the map expecting it to work [...]

Glacier Contours

I consider the USGS 7.5′ quads to be among the best topographic maps around.  That said, working around their shortcomings is the primary cartographic motivation for Closed Contour.  Right now I feel like I have a ways to go before I can claim that my maps are ‘better’ (how ever you define it) than the [...]

Mapping Challenges

I started working on this project about 3 weeks ago in my spare time.  The first few days I spent just trying to make some pretty pictures with some basic data, maybe a DEM, some contours, some summits, etc.  Once I convinced myself that what I had in mind was possible I began to work [...]

What is Closed Contour?

Simply put, Closed Contour is my attempt to create modern topographic maps using publically available data.  Here’s what I’m after: User-specific data.  I’m into peak climbing and I want my maps to be focused on that. Aesthetically pleasing.  A topographic map should look good at every scale and viewing distance. Editable.  Ideally the map should be [...]