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The SPS List (pdf link) is a list of 248 peaks in the Sierra Nevada range of eastern California (plus Mount Rose in Nevada).  The list is maintained by the Sierra Peaks Section, Angeles Chapter, Sierra Club.  The map was designed to encompass all of the peaks on the list with a small buffer around them.

You can interact with the map here.


I’m using a Transverse Mercator projection with a central meridian of 120° W, origin latitude of 0°, scale factor of 0.9996, WGS84 ellipsoid, and no false easting or northing.  This projection was chosen as a compromise between UTM zones 10 and 11 which unfortunately split the Sierra Nevada vertically right through Lake Tahoe.  Here’s the proj.4 string for the projection:

+proj=tmerc +lon_0=120w +k=0.9996 +ellps=WGS84


I’ll have much more to write about the data in the future but here’s a quick run-down:

  • DEMs are from the USGS NED program. I got one degree chunks that cover my region of interest.  This was used to generate hillshade and contours.
  • Road data are from TIGER.
  • Hydrology data are from the USGS NHD program.
  • Trails data are from the NPS and Forest Service.
  • Land cover data is from NPS and FRAP.
  • My brother provided the SPS summits and I’m not 100% sure where he got them, I’ll track that down.
  • Buildings are from NPS and Mono County.

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